Plan E

25 years on autopilot

The band was formed in Oulu in the spring of 1995. In their original line-up, Jani Lehtosaari (bass), Reima Kellokoski (drums) and Reetta Säisä (keyboards). Niko Karppinen (bass) completed the lineup in October. The self-financed debut EP "E For Your Ears" was released in the spring of 1996 on bassist Lehtosaari's E Records label. (Photography: Sami Ruokamo 1997)

A few small recordings later, Lehtosaari forms a new Solardisk record label and the first full-length "Songs For A Rainy Day" was released in the fall of 1998. For the first few years, the band was mostly known as a weirdo side project of the Impaled Nazarene & Terveet Kädet members. (Photography: Vesa Ranta 1998)

The band's second studio album "Found & Lost" was released in the spring of 2001. The original lineup falls apart. Lehtosaari continues the journey alone with the help of session musicians. (Photography: Kyösti Kallio 2000)

Years roll by, line-ups change, recordings every couple of years. From 2003, the responsibility for the release will be transferred to the Italian record label My Kingdom Music with a contract lasting a couple of albums, "Best Kept Secret" and "Bassonova". In January 2005, the line-up will take the form of Jani Lehtosaari (bass and vocals), Heikki Hallanoro (drums), Ilari Kinnunen (bass), Markku Leinonen (bass) and Jaakko Vanhala (keyboards). (Photography: Pietari Vanhala 2005)

Occasional touring in 2007-2012. Plan E's fifth, one-song album “Oulu Codex” has been piled up for more than ten years. When it was completed in 2016, the band's line-up has condensed into a quartet, with keyboardist Jaakko Vanhala completely switching to experimental noise music. (Live photography: Santtu Särkäs 2011)

The concept album defined in the autumn of 2005 - just one song, exactly forty-two minutes, in Finnish - turned out to be more challenging than expected. After endless work, the experimental theme album “Oulu Codex” was released as a lavish vinyl & CD package in the spring of 2018. Such a record can only be made once. (Record sleeve photography: Santtu Särkäs 2010-2011)

The album “Oulu Codex II”, released on March 5th, 2021, contains seven tracks and its performing language, like its predecessor, is Finnish (previous recordings until 2006 included exclusively English material). As the “Oulu Codex II” songs got shape, the band stated in unison: this album contains all the biggest hits! "Oulu Codex II" now streaming on all digital platforms and is also available on CD. A limited edition vinyl edition is set to be released in October of 2021. (Photography: Taneli Rantakokko / Olki Visual 2020)

Plan E 2020

Ilari Kinnunen – bass (ex-Nazca, Destroyed Mania, Terveet Kädet, Lapin Helvetti, Kürøishi, Death Trip, Billy Boys)

Markku Leinonen – bass (ex-Kürøishi, Terveet Kädet, Lapin Helvetti, Death Trip, Billy Boys, The Kolmas, The Sultans, Luciferin Parfyymi, Haggart L)

Jani Lehtosaari – bass & vocals + keyboards (ex-Belial, ex-Obfuscation, ex-Irstas, ex-Impaled Nazarene, ex-The Rocking Dildos, ex-Mordskog, ex-Torture Pulse)

Heikki Hallanoro – drums + electric piano & shakers (Latistajat, solo artist and author Heikki Hallanoro)

Plan E discography

E For Your Ears EP (1996)

E For Your Eyes EP (1996)

Deep SINGLE (1997)

E Spelled Backwards MINI-ALBUM (1997)

Lunarscapes SINGLE (1998)

Songs For A Rainy Day ALBUM (1998)

Plan E / Climb To Zalem SPLIT EP (2000)

Found & Lost ALBUM (2001)

Best Kept Secret ALBUM (2004)

Ten Years On Autopilot COMPILATION ALBUM (2006)

Bassonova ALBUM (2006)

Doomed To Fall LIVE ALBUM (2009)

Doomed To Fall 2 LIVE ALBUM (2010)

Doomed To Fall Vol. 3 LIVE ALBUM (2011)

Oulu Codex ALBUM (2018)

Pinnan Alla SINGLE (2020)

Alfons SINGLE (2021)

Musta Uni SINGLE (2021)

Oulu Codex II ALBUM (2021)

Kuilun Reuna SINGLE (2021)






The Plan E & Solardisk Quality Control Center, Oulu, Finland